The young kid woke up in his bed. He didn't know where he was, because it was pitch black.

He could see some kind of apparition in the distance spelling out the words "Sen."

It moved away, slowly walking out of sight. The boy got up, and followed it.

He seemed to walk endlessly for miles and miles, but eventually found it again.

This time, it was jumbled pieces of trash on the floor. This was the last thing he saw before he blacked out.

He woke up again in the same spot, determined to find it.

He found it again. It started to move away, but the boy could easily get close to it.

It looked like it had some kind of shadow floating above it, easily seen by the light from above.

He walked up, seeing some kind of demon. A demon with a seemingly bronze mask and blue robe, with a drum. He blacked out once more.

He once again woke up, finding the strange demon. He walked away as the demon was seemingly following him.

His vision faded to black, hearing a loud, ominous sound followed by loud beeping. All he could see was the demon in his dreams.

He woke up.

This time though, things were different. He found an exit out of his house, and discovered he was merely a shadow.

Fog covered the area, as rain poured down on to his head.

He fell down a ledge, startled by two seemingly snake looking guards standing at the bottom. He recognized something about them, something... strange.

The two guards had his uncles head.

He ran into a glitched field, the flowers covering him.

A white glitch covered him, revealing his true self and the true place around him.

He was wearing a bunny mask, as normal guards roamed the area.

He ran down, hoping to find something. Once again, he was a shadow.

He fell over, knocked out by something.

He woke up, finding himself in ceilings of many rooms.

And he was knocked out again.

He woke up back in his house, seeing 3 "Sens" vibrating, moving, on the floor.

A green and orange light came over his body, the words "Sen" appearing under him.

The last thing he saw was the demon banging on his drum.

He was a Sen now.